Skill Summary

Julie Jordan is a USCG 500 Ton Captain with over 25 years experience on vessels ranging up to 140 feet. She has served as Captain, Operations Manager, Trainer and Expedition Planner in the private and commercial industry, involved in marine exploration, tourism and research.

Captain Jordan has extensive experience in vessel operations management, seamanship training and as a service provider. She has transited 100,000+ miles in the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean. Her employment history reflects job longevity and an excellent safety record with a reputation for consistent, reliable performance.

Captain Jordan strives to instill a culture of safety and proficiency aboard and thereby “mastery” of your vessel.

Be Seaworthy can help you:

  • Gain confidence and proficiency through training in hands
    on instruction, safety procedures and operational management.

  • Gain skill and “take command”, become the Master of your vessel.
  • Understand your and your vessel’s limitations.
  • Maintain your vessel and keep it shipshape for departure.
  • Take the trips you dream of but are hesitant to venture.


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